Our Focus


 Our number one goal is the salvation of the lost. 

We specialize in attracting the unsaved, the unchurched, and people who want a fresh start from the mistakes they have made in their past, regardless of race, nationality, culture or socio-economic status.




Total life prosperity is the aim as we seek the holistic improvement of our community – spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. 

We teach Biblical principles to achieve success in all areas of life. 




We impact youth to be care-free, crime-free and child-free 

through a biblical, beneficial and balanced approach 

designed to meet their needs.




We specialize in outreach programs for vulnerable, underserved and hurting people. (i.e. sick, homeless, poor, elderly, substance abusers, ex-offenders and those who have suffered physical and emotional abuse)




We are improving the fabric of the families that we serve. 

Through our effective use of small groups and personal accountability 

We offer practical solutions to everyday problems.