Carolyn Felder, Director













 What is our Purpose?


Divine Hands has been established to teach young women

the importance of loving themselves and others

while uniting these women through the love of Jesus Christ.



What is our Mission?


“Molding today’s young women into 

independent and educated women of tomorrow”.


Who can Participate?


Divine Hands is available for middle and High school females from 13-19.



How often do we Meet?


Every Friday from 7:00 p.m.--9:30 p.m.



What are our Goals?


To prevent the preventable


To encourage young women to build better communication skills.


To promote excellence with school work.


To promote workforce readiness skills and responsibility.


To guide young women as they cope with stress, death, grief and anger.


To educate young women regarding proper grooming and hygiene.


To prepare for life as an independent women.


To educate young women about relevant topics including sex, drugs, alcohol,  peer pressure, HIV/AIDS Awareness, teen pregnancy prevention and the prevention of physical and emotional abuse.