Deliverance Without Walls





Deliverance Without Walls


Veletta Rouse is an outreach minister, evangelist, and pioneer prayer warrior. In 2008, she heard a word from the Lord to pray for the community that they would receive salvation and deliverance.

The main goal is to help people get delivered and saved by spreading the word of God. 


With the help of the Holy Spirit, people will be developed and established in the things of God. They themselves will be spiritually and physically equipped to give back to the community for God. 


In 2012, she started the Deliverance Without Walls Ministry. The purpose of this ministry is to spread the love of Christ into the community.  This ministry goes beyond the walls of the church, and into the heart of the community to evangelize to the unsaved and unchurched. 


The ministry meets once a month to show love to the community. This is done through food and clothe drives, holiday meals, toy drives, door-to-door ministry, visiting with the sick and shut-in, and offering prayer and comfort to those in nursing homes and hospitals.